Policy Writing

Improving the Equity and Effectiveness of Nepal’s Fertilizer Subsidy Program. Prepared for Government of Nepal and USAID (with Danielle Resnick and Madhab Karkee)

Perspectives on the Role of the State in Development: Taking Stock of the ‘Developmental State’ After 35 YearsPrepared for USAID

Nepal’s 2072 Federal Constitution: Implications for the Governance of the Agriculturla Sector. Prepared for the Government of Nepal and USAID (with Danielle Resnick)

What Can We Learn from Oil Contracts? Clarifying the Links between Transparency and Accountability. In Transparency Governance in the Age of Abundance, edited by Malaika Masson and Juan Cruz Vieyra. Washington, DC: Inter-American Development Bank.


Media / Blogs

Information empowers citizens to demand public services” IFPRI Research Blog

What To Do When Markets and Governments Fail Poor People,” IFPRI Blog (with Katrina Kosec)

Occasional appearances on The Brainstorm podcast.